Technology meets Psychology.

Our System

Our system is founded on the premise that self-knowledge and discovery will open the doors to opportunity. Therefore, we have developed a fun, fast and interactive way to learn about your emotional DNA in a literal push of a “Me” or “Not Me” button. It’s like a conversation. Users tell Woofound about themselves, and Woofound pays attention and responds intelligently with recommendations that are a custom fit!
Are you thrill-seeking? Intuitive? Rational? Detail-oriented? Creative? Playing our signature slider and choosing “Me” or “Not Me” to a diverse array of images is the simple and sophisticated vehicle to creating a unique blend of hundreds of aspects of your personality. Discover the possibilities now, personalized to you.
Timeline of Psychological Assessment

Psychology Theory

The Psychology behind Woofound’s system recognizes that unique personality traits, preferences, feelings and desires distinguish an individual’s temperament and behavior. Our team of psychologists has designed Woofound’s matching engine around the concept that people derive fulfillment in their lives when their personal strengths and interests are compatible in their work, play and relationships. Woofound’s team seeks to discover conscious and unconscious aspects of personality, attachment and social style as well as experience preferences through an individual’s sensory associations to images.

We have taken the best of established vocational and personality research and theory and combined modern psychodynamic and ego psychological theories to create a sound scaffolding from which to best understand the complexity and uniqueness of each individual’s personality and preferences. Add in modern technology and...welcome to Woofound!

Dr. Noreen Honeycutt

Woofound's Head of Psychology, Dr. Noreen Honeycutt is a psychotherapist and a Training, Teaching and Supervising Psychoanalyst in Baltimore, MD with over 22 years of experience. She is an assistant clinical professor at the University of Maryland Department of Psychiatry and runs several popular community programs such as the Psychoanalytic Film Series in Baltimore. When not working, Dr. Honeycutt is often in the company of her Bernese Mountain Dog, Teddy.

Reliability & Validation

Reliability and validation are completed by examining the rate at which a test gives the same result (reliability) and the amount to which the test gives the intended result (validity). Woofound Compass was validated with Cronbach's Alpha by showing that in over 1800 cases, the test was 92% reliable. Scientific method expects a minimum of 70 percent to be considered reliable, but Woofound sought higher reliability levels. By evaluating the results of all Woofound Compass users with a Pearson test showing “statistical significance”, meaning a distinct and recognizable trend, to give accurate results in 98.5% of cases. Finally, the test was shown to be fully balanced by showing that scores maintained both reliability and validity across gender, age, and ethnic boundaries.